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Our Ice Cream Are 100% Vegetarian

You are passing by and see a little kid relishing a chocolate sundae. The child inside all of us jumps in joy. The thought is planted inside our mind. And before we know, we are dreaming about a death by chocolate and we are on our way to buy it. But let’s be real, if you are a vegetarian then your options are limited. It’s like searching for an oasis in a dessert land. You keep looking and find ice cream parlors, but none are 100% vegetarian. The craving has reached its peak, at the same time you are an animal warrior. Animal life is as precious as any human life. Somethings as delicious and delicate like ice cream, can’t it be cruelty-free?


Let us hold the craving for a while, and look at a broader picture. There are other reasons to go vegetarian as well. It is estimated that about 30% of the non-ice covered part of the earth is directly or indirectly used for livestock activity which generates up to 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the UN report says that this use of land for livestock has created habitat loss for several threatened species.


As the saying goes, “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. Every cup, every tub of ice cream matter – if it can lead to change. Polar Bear Ice creams not just satisfy your taste buds, but are 100% vegetarian. This means when you have a craving, look no further head to the nearest Polar Bear outlet. And order from our range of vegetarian delightful ice cream sundaes that taste as good or better any other non-veg ice creams.