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all our products are 100% veg. 100% dairy.

The safety of our customers is our top priority. Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure that Polar Bear ice creams are of excellent quality, safe and hygienic.
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Our approach to food safety covers the entire supply chain, starting with our suppliers to our production. We follow stringent procurement procedures to ensure the safe selection and high-quality raw materials. This includes outlining specifications for the resources we use and carrying out checks to ensure they always guarantee it.

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production facility

Our production facility is created to ensure we make our products to the highest quality and safety standards. This includes preventing foreign bodies from entering products, enabling the management of allergens, and controlling pests. Our facility is built according to precise prerequisites, including those for a clean and safe water supply, for air filtration, and for any material that will come into contact with food.

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Our recipes and processing techniques are systematically developed to provide safe and delicious ice cream and ice cream products to customers. We prepare products to provide a suitable and unswerving taste every time. We process the ice creams at optimum temperatures to retain their nutritious value and prevent any contamination.


Quality is the first ingredient of Polar Bear and the source of our reputation for high standards. Before our products leave our production facility, it passes through multiple tests and trials to confirm it is the best in quality and taste as always.

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Packaging and transportation

Packaging has a vital role to play in ensuring our products reach consumers in a safe condition. It also carries clear information about how to prepare, store and use the product, with information on ingredients as well as any allergen risks. This also means ensuring they are stored and transported at the correct temperature. We make sure that best-before and use-by dates are correct so consumers understand when the product will be past its best and when it will no longer be safe to consume.