death by chocolate ice cream

Tiramisu – A well-crafted Italian-origin dessert

Tiramisu is an exquisite dessert – born in Italy, circa 1960. Though, it is an Italian origin dessert, but it has an international appeal. In English language, the word means as “cheer me up” or “pick me up”. As it is a dessert sprinkled with coffee, this soon gives you a lot of energy and strength. Hence, Tiramisu!


This dessert is made of layers – mainly comprising of biscuits, dipped in coffee or rum, covered with cream and topped with cocoa. As this recipe has been transported across the globe, there are a lot of versions of Tiramisu. But it is loved by all cultures and palates.


Polar Bear serves this world-famous dessert as a sinful combination coffee brazilia ice cream, walnut brownie, hot chocolate sauce, mocha sauce and whipped cream garnished with a sprinkling of coffee…


Next time, order this royally luxurious sundae from your favourite destination to satiate your cravings for Tiramisu!