death by chocolate ice cream

No connection between Ice Creams & COVID-19. Stay informed! Stay Safe!

Considering the vast spread of COVID-19 and prolonged lockdown, being at home could be monotonous. This leads to spending more time on social media. In such moments, this seems like the only connection we have with the real world and that’s how circulation of fake news or rumours start.


In the course of events taking place, it is normal to believe such information. One such post was transferring of COVID-19 by eating ice creams. Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director for Partnerships condemned the propagation of misinformation during this time of a crisis. She stated, “A recent erroneous online message circulating in several languages around the world and purporting to be a UNICEF communication appears to indicate, among other things, that avoiding ice cream and other cold foods can help prevent the onset of the disease. This is, of course, wholly untrue.”


It is our utmost responsibility to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. But to do this, let us refrain ourselves from consuming fake news. Also, this does not mean that you discard your favourite dessert. You may enjoy it like before without any fear.


Once again, ice cream and COVID-19 are not in any way related! Keep enjoying your ice creams and sundaes, stay home and stay safe!