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One and Only Royal Falooda

What comes to your mind when you hear someone says, ” falooda“? A delicious dessert with silky vermicelli noodles or a refreshing drink steeped in a colourful bath of rose syrup. Technically,  falooda is a cold dessert traditionally made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli and sweet basil seeds with milk or ice cream and is commonly conceived as a dessert-drink across our country. But, how did  falooda become so popular? Let’s take a look.


With its origin dating back to 17th century India and the close resemblance it carries with the Persian dessert  faloodeh,  falooda’s tale is as complex as its recipe. According to some food historians,  falooda began its life as a concoction in the royal courts of Mughal Emperors. Others assert that  falooda came here with the Iranians when they sailed to India. What we do know is that similar variants exist across Asia, which makes it clear that falooda has travelled far and wide. Some variants include  faluda, a popular drink in Sri Lanka,  bandung in Malaysia and a Mauritian version called  alouda.


The reciepe has evolved with time too. From  kulfi falooda to  paan-masala falooda, hybrid versions of  falooda found their way into the Indian platter. At Polar Bear sundae parlours, you can find a selective range of  faloodas that melt in your mouth. So, next time you’re at our store, try out one of our decadent  faloodas flavours –  Classic Vanilla, Royal Kulfi, Alphonso Mango and Kesar Pista.