Polar Bear – The best ice cream outlet in Mangalore

Polar Bear – The Ice Cream Sundae Zone is now in Mangalore, the ice cream capital of India. The brand is excited to enthral Mangalore by offering an out-of-the-world ice cream sundae experience. The city celebrated for its mesmerizing beaches, and distinguished culture is now revelling in the joy of an extensive and tempting range of ice cream sundaes introduced by one of the fastest-growing ice cream chains in the country.

Their recently opened sundae outlet has taken the city by storm with its lip-smacking chocolate sundaes, family sundaes, kid’s sundaes, drool-worthy shakes, cakes, and countless toppings. This sundae heaven is the go-to hangout spot for sundae lovers from different age groups with varying tastes. Along with a promise of unforgettable indulgence, the mouth-watering products at Polar Bear are made with high-quality ingredients and served in a clean and hygienic environment. The team is friendly and hospitable following strict safety guidelines. The brand is already on its way to become the best ice cream parlour in Mangalore.

Polar Bear has been launching new and exciting flavours from time to time, since its inception in 2008. They are well-known for their one-of-a-kind sensational Dry Fruit Sundae, Fruit Zest, Lychee Sundae, Mango Berry, Pine Passion, Classic Banana Split, and not to be missed the ultimate – Death by Chocolate.

The 100% dairy and 100% vegetarian treats are served at the outlet and via prominent food delivery partners in the city. The official website of the brand, www.polarbear.co.in also offers an efficient direct online delivery service for those who prefer enjoying their sundaes in the comfort of their homes.

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