More Polar Bear Outlets Launching Soon – The Best Ice Cream Chain in India

The country is gearing up for the ultimate Ice cream Sundae Experience!

100 ice cream sundae zones are never enough for a country like India.

The response of customers is driving the South India’s best ice cream sundae parlour to open more outlets in the country.

Polar Bear has paid heed to the pulse of the City of India! The delicious ice cream sundaes can now be found not just in Bangalore, but in many other cities in South India. The more, the merrier! It’s all delight, joy and nothing short of the ultimate dessert experience.

Delectable DBC bowls are making their decadent presence felt. Students visit the Polar Bear outlets in large numbers and professionals walk in to relish pleasant evenings after work. Ice cream aficionados are always indulging in rich flavours of take away sundae tubs and refreshing faloodas and ice cream cakes, too!

It’s a common sight at any Polar Bear ice cream parlour to see kids gorging on ice cream pizzas and kids’ special ice cream sundaes! Families are spending Sunday afternoons and other evenings with mouth-watering tubs of dessert. South India is experiencing ‘ice cream and chill’ like never before!

Polar Bear is eager to take their ice cream story across the many more cities, and places like Hyderabad, Mysore, Mangalore, Chennai are lapping it up with utmost warmth and a lot of chills. The brand clearly understands how a perfect mix of dine-in and delivery works and that’s why they have succeeded in giving you the best sundae experience. 

India, the chill-storm is coming your way and we know you can’t wait!