vegetarian ice cream parlour near me

We’re firm believers that a happier day is just a spoonful away!
a spoonful of ice cream sundae, that's it.

And for us, making the best ice cream means starting with the best ingredients, like fresh milk sourced from the best farms close to our production facilities so you can expect farm-to-freezer taste in every bite.

These high-quality ingredients go into every single one of our delicious, unique flavors. That’s a lot of ways to get your ice cream on. And if you dine in - you can feast your eyes on those tasty ingredients before they even hit your tastebuds.

We care for our customers

so we want you to know!

In one very important way all our products are made with the same love and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

99% of Our Ice Creams are 100% Dairy.

We are a 100% Vegetarian Brand. Our Ice creams, cakes, and all other ingredients are vegan or vegetarian.

Our ice creams are made in a factory that uses nuts. Our Ice creams are high in calories as Milk fat provides creaminess and richness to ice cream and contributes to its melting characteristics.

The total milk solids component of ice cream includes both the fat and other solids. The other milk solids consists of the protein and lactose in milk and ranges from 9 to 12% in ice cream.

Emulsifiers are used to help keep the milk fat evenly dispersed in the ice cream during freezing and storage.

A wide range of flavorings are used in ice cream. Flavorings include natural and artificial flavors, fruit, nuts, and bulky inclusions such as chocolate chunks and candies.